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Registered Stolen Guitars Records

We are pleased to announce the addition of our stolen guitar database.

We will try to establish a worldwide registry of stolen guitars and gear.

This works by simply registering your stolen guitar or musical equipment online into our database.

You can view and search the registry even if you are not a registered member of our site.

As part of this free service, this registry also provides a cross verification platform against any guitars or gear that we are listing or about to list.

So in the event that someone attempts to register a guitar or other musical instrument for sale which is listed in our stolen registry here then the administration section of our website is notified of that action and we can assist in taking the necessary actions hopefully to recover that particular item or items for the rightful owner.

The success of this registry is dependent upon the support of the music industry and musicians at large so that we can get a comprehensive record of items stolen from around the world.

As such we encourage you and any of your friends that have had instruments stolen (no matter when stolen) to use the system as only takes a few minutes to list and may assist others or yourselves in retrieving any lost gear.

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