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Avoiding Payment Disputes

To assist in preventing payment disputes, please ensure you always:

  • Create detailed and accurate listings of your item.
  • Include a comprehensive multiple, high-quality range of photos of your items.

If your purchase arrives damaged or not as described within the Sellers advertisement, the first thing we suggest you do is get in direct contact with the Buyer via our message system.

You have seven (7) days within delivery to do this.

All messages are retained which provides a written trail for any future reference.

We always recommend all Buyers to contact the Seller direct when any issues or questions arise or any general concerns about their purchase. It is always a good idea to request documentation of the issues (photos, videos) from the Buyer, so you can see what there are referring too and subsequently troubleshoot further.

If the Buyer does file a support ticket with us, then one of our Road Crew will be in contact via email to discuss the case and provide the next steps forward. If you have a current support ticket open with us then it is always best to communicate directly is with that email thread. Reaching out via telephone and live chat may delay the timeline in which we can assist you if an email thread is already active. Further the email thread clearly places everything in writing so no misunderstandings should occur.

If you are unable to resolve a complaint or dispute with a Seller in relation to your items, you may submit your complaint to our dispute resolution procedure.

Disputes occur between the Buyer and the Seller only and does not include GTI in anyway whatsoever, now or into the future.

If you have had a dispute with any other GTI account holder you hereby release GTI from any and all claims, demands and damages (actual and consequential) of every kind and nature, known and unknown arising out of or in any way connected with such disputes.

We will investigate your dispute in line with our published dispute resolution procedures.

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