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GTI is 100% dedicated to buying and selling new, used or vintage musical instruments and offers a safe and cost-effective method of trading musical instruments.

Whether you want to simply buy, sell or upgrade we provide a secure platform for all your trading activities across a diverse range of world markets, via our website and marketing activities directly to our client base.

We provide 24/7 technical support and comprehensive supporting documentation including a range of buying guides via our special feature articles or selected videos. We are updating our products constantly in order to always provide the best range of products and services, to assist you in your sales endeavours.

Your comments are always welcome, whether positive or negative, and we are continually refining our secure online platform and services with a number of ongoing client suggestions and overall feedback already incorporated into our site. For any suggestions or comments please email us at .

Afterall, if we can’t listen to our clients who can we listen too?

Run by musicians for musicians GTI is the place to “Become A Member of the GTI Global Music Community”.

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